Whats New at Rural Chapel

As we continue to navigate a pandemic world, we recognize that everyone has their own level of comfort when returning to in person events.  We respect that this is a personal choice and are striving to create space for everyone at Rural Chapel, both online and in person.


  • John Level 2 – Jan 31 to May 1, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm - Every other week (mostly):  We call this level “Partner with Me”
  • John Level 3 – Jan 24 to May 29, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm – Every other week (mostly) until Level 2 Study is done and then we will go to every week:  We call this level “Teach Me to Do it for Myself” 


Check Back Soon!

Staying Connected

Facebook Live Sunday's at 10:00am  - Like us on Facebook to follow along as Pastor Craig leads us through a new version of Sunday Services via Facebook Live.  Pastor Craig will go live each Sunday at our regular service time which is 10:00am.  You can set your Facebook notices to alert you when Rural Chapel is live, and all videos are saved to our Facebook page so you can watch them anytime.   We have never done this before, so please be patient as we navigate the new adventure of faith in an online world!


*If you need help understanding Facebook and Facebook Live, please email Pastor Craig at cmoock@ruralchapel.org and he can set you up with some someone to assist you over the phone. 

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