Whats New at Rural Chapel

As we continue to navigate a pandemic world, we recognize that everyone has their own level of comfort when returning to in person events.  We respect that this is a personal choice and are striving to create space for everyone at Rural Chapel, both online and in person.

Staying Connected

Facebook Live Sunday's at 10:00am  - Like us on Facebook to follow along as Pastor Craig leads us through a new version of Sunday Services via Facebook Live.  Pastor Craig will go live each Sunday at our regular service time which is 10:00am.  You can set your Facebook notices to alert you when Rural Chapel is live, and all videos are saved to our Facebook page so you can watch them anytime.   We have never done this before, so please be patient as we navigate the new adventure of faith in an online world!

*If you need help understanding Facebook and Facebook Live, please email Pastor Craig at cmoock@ruralchapel.org and he can set you up with some someone to assist you over the phone. 

Growing Your Faith

God’s Help with Mental Health in Troubled Times with Pastor Tom Hanover

Are you struggling with your mental health or more simply with just feeling ok during these troubled times?  Have you wondered if God’s Word could be useful in helping you have a better sense of wellbeing, but did not know where to look?  As it turns out, Pastor Tom Hanover (a retired pastor and friend of Pastor Craig’s) has a passion to help people use tools from the Bible to increase their sense of wellbeing and become more resilient during troubled times.  He is thinking of launching a study after Easter when the Rural Chapel Bible studies are beginning to wrap up, but is willing to launch something sooner if there is interest.  If you have interest please let Pastor Tom thanover937@gmail.com or Pastor Craig cmoock@ruralchapel.org know.


The Bible Overview with Leslie Menges on Zoom

Beginning Wednesday, February 2nd! This opportunity is for those who have little to no experience with the Bible and want to get a better understanding of what this book is about. Leslie plans to launch on Wednesday February 2nd at 6:30 and run her study for around 11 weeks.  Use the following information to join the zoom meeting each week, and for more information, please reach out to Leslie at lmenges4774@gmail.com   614-329-7060

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 819 2502 1493
Passcode: 570417


An Advanced Bible Study on Hebrews with Pastor Craig -  In Person and Online!

Pastor Craig is leading an advanced Bible Study on the Books of Hebrews as a way to engage this particular book and to help people learn various ways of reading and engaging God’s Holy Word.  This study will take place Tuesdays both in person and via zoom beginning Tuesday, January 18th.   For those who are not comfortable meeting in person, Zoom meetings will take place at 3:00pm Tuesdays.  If you would like to join in this Hebrews study online, please email Leslie Menges at lmenges4774@gmail.com  for the zoom link information.  The in-person study will take place Tuesday at 6:00pm at Rural Chapel. Please email Pastor Craig at cmoock@ruralchapel.org with any questions.


An Invitation to Pray for Rural Chapel With Leslie Menges 

Please use the information below to access the prayer meetings via Zoom!

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 820 4798 1403
Passcode: 739343

Please join in prayer for our church as we lift our financial needs and the revival of our community to the Lord.  We will meet  Thursdays at 9:00am via Zoom.   If you are uncomfortable praying in a group, we have helpful information to get you started.  In corporate prayer, we speak to our heavenly Father together.  It is not a time when we critique what each person is saying; rather, we are in agreement in our prayers and we present them in unity.   Jesus promised that when two or three are gathered together in His Name, He's there too!  Please join us!  Time spent in prayer is never wasted.  Please contact Leslie Menges if you would like to be involved.  lmenges4774@gmail.com   614-329-7060

Upcoming Events


Lent - We are trying something completely different this year as a church as we seek God during Lent.  Lent is the Christian season that leads up to Easter and is traditionally observed through some sort of fasting as a way to turn away from our sins and turn to God.  Traditionally, we begin Lent on Ash Wednesday by putting ashes on people's foreheads as a symbol of our grief over our sin.  Putting ashes on your forehead was a public symbol of grief in the ancient world.  After all that we have been through in the last two years, I am of the conviction that we have grieved enough.  With that, as a spiritual practice, I am calling our church to spend this season of lent hopefully to look for God.  Can we be an audacious people who believe that God is at work regardless of our circumstances and spend this season of Lent working really hard to see where God is at work?  I believe that, if we engage in this spiritual practice, then we will have the privilege of seeing where God is at work in our lives and the world and be able to jump on board with what God is doing.   I can't think of a better way to prepare the celebration of Jesus at Easter than spending the season of Lent looking for where He is at work today!  Will you join me in this marvelous practice this year?


Easter - April 17th 10:00am in-person and online. 



Online Giving - Please continue to support the mission and work of the church during this time of crisis.  While the world may stop, our bills do not and it would be really helpful if you could continue to give through our online portal.  That portal can be reached by clicking HERE or by going to the GIVE tab at the top of this page. God has given us a divine mission and it will take all of us in order to make certain that it continues. 

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