We are a group of friendly people who together desire a deeper relationship with Jesus. Our Bible studies are selected to focus on knowing Christ through the Scriptures and applying His teaching to our lives in a meaningful way. We enjoy times of rich fellowship as we discuss, learn, challenge and support each other in our journey to know Jesus. If you are looking for Godly friendships and an environment where you can be yourself then this group is for you!



Alpha Reunion

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 (In-person and Zoom) @ 6:30 pm

July 31st 6:30 both in-person and Zoom.  This is our chance to get together, celebrate what God has done in our lives through Alpha, and vision cast for Alpha 2024.  There will be a potluck dinner from 6:30 pm to 7 pm for the in-person community.  Come prepare to share a faith story if you would like.  Please RSVP to Pastor Craig at

Inductive Bible Study with Leslie Menges on Zoom

Class will meet on Thursday at 6:30 pm
Join Our Ongoing Zoom Bible Study
Jeremiah Begins April 19 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Rural Chapel's Inductive Bible Study began to sprout after an Alpha Course in the fall of 2021. PC blessed our subsequent Bible Overview after that, because we were curious to see what the Bible was all about. A group of six 'graduates' wanted to go deeper! We began to read the Bible from the beginning using a basic inductive method.  We read a number of chapters each week, and we ask ourselves questions from our reading. We meet on Zoom every Thursday 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm to discuss our thoughts. We have learned that the Bible is not boring!  We have read the Torah (first five Books of the Old Testament), the History Books, and Poetry Books.  Now? The Books of Prophecy!

We have finished Isaiah and currently working through the Book of Jeremiah.  This Book, written by Jeremiah (and compiled in an orderly fashion by his best friend, Baruch), is poignant and deep.  It could be a beautiful Netflix series! 

We invite you to join us! If you just want to check us out and 'eavesdrop' on how we run, please do! 
Email for the Zoom link.

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