Welcome to the family of Rural Chapel UMC. Please feel free to join us as we commit to following Christ in an ever-changing world. At Rural Chapel, you will find a family of passionate and grateful people honoring the Lord through song & Biblical teaching. We have numerous ministries ready to provide you with spiritual nourishment whether you’re and adult or a child. We teach Christ in a way that is very practical to your daily life and our worship is centered on being relational and fulfilling.

We look forward to meeting you!


Address:5860 Cheshire Rd.

Galena, OH 43021

Live Stream Service: www.facebook.com/ruralchapel
Join us on Facebook at 10am on Sundays to enjoy our service streamed live right to your own mobile device or computer!
Phone: (740) 548-4389


Whether you’re a first time visitor or committed Methodist, we make sure that you feel right at home amongst our congregation. If this is your first time visit, then please make sure to let us know as we would love to get to know you and make you feel especially welcome.


We like to express our worship to God with a variety of music, from more contemporary guitar-led music led by our amazing praise band, to more classical hymns that root us in our Christian faith. We believe that as we participate in worship, we join a timeless tradition with those who follow Christ today and in centuries past. On a typical Sunday, we will begin our service with two songs from our praise band, worship with a classical hymn half-way through our service and then close the service with a final song from our praise band.

*In accordance with COVID protocols, we ask that in-person worshipers please refrain from singing.  The praise team will continue to provide music from a safe distance, but current protocols do not allow for congregational singing.


We have suspended all food and beverages served during gatherings at this time.  We look forward to the day when we can again offer you a variety of coffee for our Sunday mornings and times of fellowship!


We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you come to worship with us so please feel free to dress as you prefer. We are just thankful that you have chosen to worship with us.


At Rural Chapel, we are a warm, welcoming family who love to laugh. While we are serious about following Christ and living our faith, we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our congregation is truly the greatest blessing that our Church has to offer and we know that you will feel right at home when you meet them.


We make room for children to worship whether they go to “Kid’s Church” after the first couple of songs or stay with their parents during the entirety of the worship service.

Parents are always welcome to accompany their children to Kid’s Church to meet the teachers or they can stay and help out. For a list of classes, check out our Children’s Education tab under the Ministries button.


Pastor Craig is an adept and highly gifted Bible teacher who understands how to relate the teachings of the Scriptures to our every day lives as we challenge each other to follow Jesus more deeply. We enjoy Pastor Craig’s passionate, reverent and sometimes direct preaching style that connects to the lives of real people striving to live out their faith in an increasingly complex world.


Communion is a sacrament (a sacred practice) that we celebrate together monthly. In communion, we remember once more the great sacrifice that Christ made on behalf of all people and participate in this sacrifice through taking gluten-free bread and grape juice. Methodists have long used grape juice instead of the traditional wine so that those who are overcoming alcohol addictions can participate in communion with us. On a similar note, we use gluten-free bread so that anyone who has a gluten allergy will be able to take the sacrament too. We will typically take communion the first Sunday of every month.

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